Lady Gaga Presents: Born This Way (The Album)

Lady Gaga, when you read or hear that name where does your mind go? For most of us, including myself, the name Lady Gaga has become a symbol, an image of sorts, or perhaps an idea of quality, consistency, creativity and originality. From the debut of Just Dance Lady Gaga carved out a space for herself in the music industry, however nobody had any idea of the unstoppable force that was to come. Gaga rapidly moved beyond just her “space” in the industry and quickly created something completely unique and refreshing that carried so much passion and creative power with it into an industry that in some ways wasn’t prepared for such a powerhouse like Gaga. We find ourselves today hearing the name Lady Gaga and don’t even think twice about what that name represents, because it has become so automatic and immediate.

And now, Lady Gaga releases her second studio album, titled Born This Way, to once again set the bar even higher than she previously set, make us shake our asses in ways we haven’t before and redefine herself again when most artists are barely able to define themselves even a single time. Born This Way is filled with a plethora of new sounds and grooves from Gaga, re-thinking the style and vibe she set with The Fame: Monster, and features a handful of amazing remixes from some of the EDM industry’s most talented players including Zedd, DJ White Shadow, and Fernando Garibay! Lady Gaga has truly created something with herself in an industry and an age where the imitators and followers are many and the originals and leaders are few. Regardless of what you may think or believe about her and her music, if there is one thing that she is not, it is unsure. With that, Lady Gaga presents her second studio album, Born This Way! Below is a handful of singles you can find on the new album…

Available now on: iTunes

Electric Chapel

The Queen

You And I

Heavy Metal Lover

Highway Unicorn (Road To Love)

Fashion Of His Love

Bad Kids

Black Jesus † Amen Fashion

Bloody Mary


Government Hooker


Marry The Night


The Edge Of Glory

Judas (Official Video)

Born This Way (Official Video)