Mike Kalombo – 30 Days of Discipline

The Classic Master never stops. Mike Kalombo showed true dedication to his music this last month. He vowed for 30 days to put together a track every day. He dug deep and pulled out all of his styles in his month of discipline. It takes dedication to pull something off like this. Just like getting back on track with your workouts, sometimes you just want to take a break but the end result is so worth it. Amazingly enough, none of his tracks seemed sub-par throughout this whole process. I don’t say that because I think he isn’t good enough to continuously put out quality material…I’m just impressed with the level of quality he continued to put out. He didn’t just throw a track together to get his time in, he honestly put in work for each and every track.

Here are a few of his tracks that are more catered to what you look for here on The Beat Blog. However, it would be more than worth your time if you could spare and hour or so and check out his tracks 1-30. Most of the tracks wouldn’t really fit into the electronic genre we know you love, but every bit of it is quality material. If nothing else, take it as a little inspiration for something you are looking to do. Check out Mike Kalombo’s Youtube channel HERE and see what he’s got to offer.