WSNX Celebrates Memorial Day Weekend With 80 Hours of Non-Stop Mixing

WSNX, the #1 radio station in the greater Grand Rapids and West Michigan area of Michigan is celebrating the holiday weekend by hosting a continuous non-stop mix show for 80 hours. The mix show, dubbed MEMORIAL MIXIN 2011: MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND exclusively features local West Michigan DJ’s, including Grammy nominated Producer DJ Richard Vission, all non-stop from 5pm Friday the 27th until Midnight Monday the 30th (Memorial Day).

Since it kicked off yesterday at 5pm, I have been listening to a great deal of it and am very excited to hear such a large number of local DJ’s in the area spin back-to-back. What’s even more exciting is to hear how talented and fantastic these MC’s are at layin’ down an hour, 2, or even 3 hours of tunes without becoming repetitive or mundane or sounding like a repeat of the DJ before them. With only about a day and a half into the 80 hour mix show so far, Grand Rapids is definitely looking forward to hearing what’s to come for the rest of the weekend with more than 30 mixes still set to spin.

Listen LIVE right now!

For more info on the 80 hour weekend mix and the DJ’s that are spinnin’, check out the WSNX official website at