Interview with NO_ID!

NO_ID Straight out of Amsterdam, the deep dutch electronic capital of the world, where electronic music rules everything but the air you breathe, two Dutch local heroes come together to form a musical duo that has stapled their name into Amsterdam’s electronic music scene and are now beginning to move beyond it’s borders to conquer the rest of the world. We are, of course, talking about none other than NO_ID! We had the amazing opportunity to interview the popular Dutch duo this month and ask some interesting questions that we hope will give the fans of NO_ID a better insight into their world, The Beat Blog is super excited to present our interview with Amsterdam’s own NO_ID!

NO_ID began with two Dutch locals out of Amsterdam in 2008 and instantly shook the local music scene by winning the Amsterdam Dance Event Demolition Contest with one of their first tracks titled “Wurld“. NO_ID aims to create fresh international big room and proggy-tech house, something that is rarely found nowadays on the Dutch music scene. NO_ID are firm believers in the element of surprise and letting their music speak for itself. Their motto: “In a world where identity’s are created and left behind within days, it is only the ones that choose not to be anything, that can break loose from expectations…We do what we like, don’t assume anything, for identity calls for assumptions…Let the music speak for itself, open yourself to expect the unexpected…We are NO_ID” best describes exactly what it is they are aiming to convey to their audience.

NO_ID’s material has been released on several large scale record labels including Cr2 Records, Armada Music, Ultra Records, and Spinnin’ Records among others. The duo was also selected for the Dutch Sensation (ID&T) compilation of 2009, the Miami DJ MAG compilation of 2010 and multiple other worldwide compilation CD’s.

Well on their way to international success, NO_ID, like many others, show us that persistence and hard work always pays off, as they begin to invade the ears of electronic music fans across the borders in Europe and the Americas. Recently featured on Tiesto‘s massively popular radio show Club Life last month with their single Sex Sells followed by features in live sets by some of the world’s largest DJ’s such as Sander van Doorn, it is evident that NO_ID is definitely a name in the industry to keep a close eye on as they move forward.

*A BIG THANK YOU to NO_ID for the interview and feature, ENJOY!

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Q: You guys started in the deep dutch scene of Amsterdam, one of the biggest centers and influences of Electronic Dance Music. Can you describe what the current local electronic music scene is like in Amsterdam and the Netherlands as a whole, through your own perspectives?

Well, actually we believe that Amsterdam needs to reinvent itself. Dutch people are very spoiled when it comes to dance music. This is the result of the enormous amount of big DJs and parties our country has to offer. After a while, these party people don’t get triggered anymore. And, this might sound funny, the big Dutch DJs don’t really spin that often in their own country. The progressive sound that we try to bring to the crowd has a bigger fan-base overseas than it has in Holland. Last month our government announced that there will be a 24 hour opening policy for some of our main clubs, which used to closed at 5.00 AM. Isn’t that crazy for a capital city like Amsterdam? Hopefully, this new policy will help Amsterdam to reinvent itself as a dance capital just like it was 15 years ago.

Q: Recently one of your singles, Sex Sells, was played by Tiesto on his very popular radio show Club Life, what was it like for you guys to hear your single spun by such a huge figure on a massive radio show like Club Life? How do you think that event has impacted the single and NO_ID since then?

When we discovered Tiesto’s support for Sex Sells, we went bananas. Tiesto is one of the best Dutch music export-products and now he’s spinning our tunes: that is really super cool to see. It’s quite funny that the really big guys are discovering the track just now, as the track was released almost two months ago. Sander van Doorn played the track recently at Sensation Amsterdam in front of 40.000 people, which is a real big honor as well. Since these developments we really got a lot of requests for new NO_ID music.

Q: How did you two eventually join together to form NO_ID? And what was/is your relationship like before and after the formation of NO_ID?

NO_ID was originally formed three years ago (2008) and kicked off during that year’s ADE. We were two local DJs playing at several parties. Actually, we used to play field hockey against each other as well, but that’s another story. Ralph grew up in the scene playing Defected tracks, and was collecting all of Olav Basoski’s 12-inches. After witnessing Tiesto’s first set at Sensation (2000) Devi decided to get his whole tracklist on EP. Devi’s grandmother saved up money for his drivers licence, and he managed spend all of that on DJ equipment! We were both very excited to make music and as an experiment we started to work together and to try to figure out how to create awesome beats. While we were both discovering how to make music we noticed that we had great chemistry. Our friendship grew rapidly because of the shared passion. Thinking in large sounds with an easy to access touch is what we stand for, the sounds we grew up with back in the day. Nowadays we have our own studio, based in the heart of Amsterdam.

Q: Your music is mostly labeled as Big-Room, Tech House, is that your intent? What kind of sound do you guys strive to produce when creating your music?

Let the music speak for itself, open yourself to except the unexpected… That’s what NO_ID stands for. We try not to stick to a single style and we don’t use alter egos. The brand NO_ID gives us enough space to make the music we like and surprise our audience. A good example of the diversity of our sound is the Sex Sells EP where the three tracks on the EP all have their own identity.

Q: What kind of equipment do you guys like to use in your live sets in particular?

We mostly use Traktor Pro for our sets, which really gives us the space to do what we want to do during a 2 hour set or more. We use the Xone 1D for the midi controls and just bought the iPad 2, so one of us can wirelessly use the FX when needed. This is done with the app Touch OSC, which gives us way more space then just having one controller with two people playing a gig.

Q: You guys really stand behind your name, NO_ID, in the sense that you claim to do what you like, and to not allow yourselves to take on an identity as a group. What do you mean by these claims exactly? Can you explain in a little more detail what you intend on your audience to take away from your material?

We thought: let’s do it completely the other way around. By not choosing a specific identity, people ask themselves: Who are they? What is this?

Q: Your material has been released on several labels including Cr2 Records, Armada Music, Ultra Records, Spinnin’ Records and others. What is it like having your material released on so many different labels? Is there any label that you have worked with so far that you have especially enjoyed in particular?

It is very important to us to sign a track to a label that also suites the idea the track represents. Each label has its own fan-base and style. There are so many tracks being signed nowadays, that you really need to standout. Chances are that your track will not be picked up at all, if you don’t have a good platform to launch them from. All labels helped us getting where we are now today, but signing to Michael Woods his label Diffused Music really put us on the charts. When DJs with such a status support you, you notice that other big fishes are prepared to give your music a spin.

Q: Where do you guys get your inspiration from when creating music? Are there any names in the music industry that you take your inspiration from? Any personal favorite artists?

We get our inspiration from listening to a lot of different styles during the craziest moments of the day. Guys that we really admire are (in no specific order) Michael Woods, Eric Prydz and Paul Thomas. However Eric’s sound is usually from another dimension. His style is so phat and proggy, but also accessible for a wide range of people. Something we are on the look for in our own productions.

Q: Where would you like to see NO_ID be in 5 years, or what would be your ultimate vision of it?

One of the things we are trying to achieve is to get NO_ID known in the world, and eventually playing around the world by executing our greatest passion as the main source of income. Trying to chase this dream we have!

**Again, A HUGE THANKS to NO_ID for the interview and feature!