Pitbull feat. Chris Brown – International Love (Clinton Sparks & Disco Fries Remix)

Pitbull ft. Chris Brown - International Love Pitbull and Chris Brown’s International Love has been on hit radio for a little while now and before it gets overplayed, it needs its remixes. Remixes come and go like crazy in a music industry relying more and more on the electronic style to provide an outlet to continue to feed power to the relentless march of popular music. So with that in mind, it’s important we think to know enough to pick out those artists, or remixes that provide a quality re-working of the original track. Which brings us to Clinton Sparks and The Disco Fries, two entities that are producing high quality work in a very consistent fashion. This remix of Pitbull and Chris Brown’s International Love is they’re latest collaboration since the successes of Killer and Clinton Sparks’ Sucks To Be You followed by a Disco Fries’ remix. They do a great job with taking this hit single to another level of enjoyment, giving it a fresh and juicy sound. Anybody can make a remix, and it can be fairly easy to lose perception of quality, but when it’s a remix from Clinton Sparks and/or The Disco Fries, there’s no mistake. Enjoy!

Did we mention it’s free to DOWNLOAD?

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