City Lights Music Festival 2012 Climbs to the Next Level!

City Lights Music Festival It’s that time of year again for Grand Rapids! City Lights Music Festival returns beginning Friday, August 17, in it’s first year as a full fledged outdoor electronic music festival. Going from a single-night event to a two-day event, from one stage to THREE stages, and a MASSIVE increase in the show’s lineup. Bringing back local favorites like Andrea “SuperDre” Wallace, Uncle Jesse, Antonio Bliss and Drill Team, Xcape, Elemnt, and others. The festival is also treating you with an expanded bill of nationally climbing acts like Revolvr, Flipside from Jump Smokers, Detroit Muscle, Florida’s DJ Icey, Mixin Marc, Scooter and Lavelle, and Darude. Add in some returning acts like Kalendr and Kenneth Thomas and you have yourself some serious talent.

However, expanding the festival’s scope has its costs, for the first year this will be a ticketed event. Tickets however, are only $10 for a single day pass or $12.50 for BOTH days! If you’re feeling fancy, a VIP section will be available once again this year, with those tickets starting at $25 for a single day pass and $35 for both. Like last year, the VIP area will offer comfortable furnishings as well as alcohol, and an opportunity to meet some of the talent! With alcohol being served in the VIP area, it will once again be 21 & up only. With the festival extending far beyond Calder Plaza with pre, post, and late night parties happening all throughout the city, the energy will continue surging through the entire weekend.

City Lights Music Festival returns Friday August 17 at 6:00pm and runs through Saturday August 18. The event promises to be one you don’t want to miss, and we have a strong feeling it will deliver. Increasing support of this event through the years has consecutively yielded a larger show than the last, let’s continue that support and celebrate music, art, and life in one of the greatest cities in America, as the festival’s mission says.

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*Photo Credit: Stellafly Social Media / Tim Motley