Max Vangeli, AN21 & Steve Angello – H8TRS (Socialytes Trap Remix)

The Socialytes - H8TRS The Socialytes have unveiled a new remix via their Soundcloud of H8RS, a track that features Steve Angello and originally came to be on Max Vangeli and AN21′s collaboration album People of the Night. The Socialytes (sometimes shortened to just ‘Socialytes’) have done a really nice job with their re-work, in the style of “Trap”, a style of music that is quickly becoming a popular form. Trap begun quite a few years ago, but has lately been gaining lots of momentum in the EDM scene due to it’s open definitions, allowing EDM artists to play around quite a bit with the style. As of recently artists like Kanye West has featured this style giving it maximum exposure. The Socialytes give this track a great identity and making it their own (notice the addition of the “T” in the title H8RS), working in synths and a sexy rhythm. Oh, and this remix is a free download…BAM! Shit just got crazy, enjoy!