Zedd Unleashes Clarity!

Zedd debut studio album Clarity Today marks the debut of Zedd’s first studio album Clarity on iTunes! The German producer’s debut album will be one that you will most likely become very familiar with. Not only because of it’s extremely affordable price point set at a sweet spot of $7.99, but also because this album is of exceptional quality and we foresee many of its singles hitting U.S. airwaves and going mainstream in the near future. The album’s lead single “Spectrum” featuring Matthew Koma has propelled Zedd into super stardom and is already beginning to take flight over mainstream media with extremely positive response. “Spectrum” is consistently placing in the TOP 5 most requested singles right here in West Michigan as it is. AND after all that scrumptious..ness, Zedd is giving away the title single “Clarity” featuring Foxes off the new album for FREE on iTunes right now! A deal this amazing is worth a hell of a lot more than $7.99, but that’s what you can get it for right now on iTunes thanks to Zedd’s generosity. The album will be available everywhere October 9 via Interscope Records. Orgasm.

What are you waiting for!? Go get it now oniTunes!