La’Reda – Legends & Legacies EP

La'Reda - Legends & Legacies The duo of Brion Topolski and Nathan Barbour, more commonly known by their stage name La’Reda are turning up the energy by releasing music from their latest EP Legends & Legacies recently released. The duo will be giving away each single one at a time, once a week for the next 9 weeks off the EP! With destructive sets at live shows such as Coachella and Electric Daisy Carnival, this group has established themselves as a name to keep your eye on, and giving away the singles off the Legends & Legacies EP will make a lot of people super happy to listen to them even more! So far the first and second tracks, “Legends & Legacies” and “Helix” consecutively have been released. We’ll add the rest to this story below as they become available, enjoy!


Legends & Legacies